Kpop Face-Off: Who’s It Gonna Be vs. Saxophone Magic

This week’s Face-Off challenges Park Myung Soo and co. versus BGA’s comeback. Decide who wins.

One comment

This week’s Face-Off challenges two new releases from earlier last week.

How to play

Watch both M/V’s below then vote for your fave at the bottom of the post. Polls close Sunday night. Winner is announced Monday noon.

The contender

Saxophone Magic by Park Myung Soo feat. Din Din, Danny Jung, UL, Cho Hee
Keywords: House, EDM, Electronic, Saxophone, Rap

The first contender this week is a truly unique, genre-bending track from comedian, entertainer, bad-boy, dj/edm enthusiast, Park Myung Soo. The song is called Saxophone Magic feat. Din Din and it is magic or music in some form, that’s for sure!

The contender

Who’s It Gonna Be by BGA
Keywords: Pop, R&B

The second contender this week is a much-anticipated comeback track from BGA called Who’s It Gonna Be. The song is a light-hearted and extremely catchy pop song. I still can’t seem to shake the hook. I just keep singing Who’s it gonna be.. Who’s it gonna be?


Anyway, I hate to say it… but, who’s it gonna be? It’s your turn to vote away! Just a reminder: polls close Sunday at midnight CT

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