This is why I stan 2NE1 and maybe you will too.

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It took me 6 days to convince myself to make theĀ first iStan postĀ about my all-time, super-special homegirls, the legendary queens, *bow down* 2NE1.

At first I was just being lazy. Ugh, I thought, I already have enough to keep me busy writing this week. Do I really have to write this one up too? Can’t I just ask somebody else to write the post?

Don’t get me wrong, I only had to convince myself for 6 days because I’m lazy not because I don’t genuinely love ma girls.


And you know what? Confession time! I don’t even have a bias in 2NE1. Like a good parent, I love Park Bom, CL, Minzy (OT4), and Sandara Park all equally.

I thinkĀ some of my initial hesitation to write about stanning 2NE1 couldĀ have alsoĀ been over 2NE1’sĀ sad, sad ending. It was super weird how it all went down. At least to me it was.

First, there was that long hiatus that led up to Minzy high-tailing it outta there and then I don’t know what happened for months on end. Does anyone? Just to what…? I don’t even know again.

All I know is it was a shitty way for a chart-topping, successful girl group to go.

It’d be an awful way to go even for a non-chart-topping, unsuccessful, trash girl group for that matter.

But what finally did the trick to get me off my lazy hump and write this post was when I realized 2NE1Ā precisely qualify for stanning. Even now.

2NE1 are a group that I don’t care who says what about them I will always play the hell outtaĀ their songs. In fact, they’re the only group I’d stan to this level.

I hereby solemnly swear that:

  1. I will always (at the very least) mentally root for them.
  2. I will always introduce my friends to them.
  3. I will always support them whether they’re together or not.
  4. I will always get downright childish over defending their good works.
  5. I will always find Bom’s love of Moomins endearing. (May I call you Bom? It’s probably really rude of me, but I feel like we could be friends).

No matter what scandals they’ve been through or the ones they’ve yet to face (Lord, just please don’t let themĀ be too many). I will like the Whitney Houston Dolly Parton song says, I will always love you.

There. I said it.

Finally, I’ll leave you with an iStan souvenir. Here’s a 2NE1 track maybe you’ve never heard before that I love.

Appropriately enough, it’s a festiveĀ fan remix of a mashup of SNSD’s Visual Dreams and 2NE1’s Hate You. (But I love 2NE1).

Sources: @intindra (unused cell for Steven Universe), kpics,Ā Omona They Didn’t

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