Throwback Thursday: BTS ‘N.O’

Let’s rewind to the year 2013 for this week’s throwback.

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Let’s rewind.

Come with me to a time when the word “selfies/selcas” was a new phrase in our vocabulary. When Candy Crush was the most popular game we played on our smartphones. A time when a brand new Kpop boy group appeared before our very eyes.

It’s the year 2013 and like some wavy desert mirage on the horizon, Bangtan Boys, made their formal introduction.

At first BTS appeared far off in the distance, but as we got closer we were refreshed with something totally cool.

As long as we have BTS may we never wander or thirst again.

But seriously, do y’all remember their song N.O? It was released all the way back in September 2013. Can’t believe it’s been that long.

In case you don’t remember. The M/V for N.O was about the group living in a dystopian society, forced to attend some kind of school of brainwashing. When the boys finally have had enough they break free using high-performance dance moves to subdue and overtake their captors.

In a word awesome.

I was working at a local bookstore at the time. I would be nearly exhausted from shelving 1000 pounds of kids’ books all day and just wanted to if nothing more listen to something upbeat to help me power through the last 10 minutes of work.

I’d tune in to SBS Pop Asia on my phone. The radio station back then played BTS’ N.O like 467 times a day, so I heard N.O roughly 356 times that year, which was fine by me because I still think the song is great.

You know how sometimes a song gets a little tired? I’m happy to confirm BTS’ N.O is not one of them.

I had a feeling even in 2013 BTS would make it big. Of course, I had no idea they’d blow up this big.

Take a moment to remember where it all began.

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