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Netizens stay mad at CL and BIG BANG member TOP. I’m sure neither care.

Rising superstars, BTS, arrived in Chicago earlier this week under tightened security after threats meant to intimidate the group and fans were made. Luckily BTS’ agency, Big Hit, handled the situation professionally keeping the members and staff safe and sound while on tour.

In other BTS news. Lead rapper for the group, Rap Monster, has been handpicked by Kpop rap icon Gaeko to be featured on his new track entitled Elephant.

BTOB, CNBLUE and rap duo Donny (Jung Hyung Don) and Conny (Defconn) are set to appear on this week’s episode of Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook. This will mark BTOB’s first appearance on the show.

INFINITE’s lead cuddly one, Sunggyu, sustains an injury while shooting an episode of the show, Singderella. Netizens criticized the show for being too dangerous as well as INFINITE’s management for placing Sunggyu on such a physically challenging show ahead of INFINITE’s scheduled comeback in May (update: the comeback has been postponed). We wish Sunngyu a speedy recovery back to good health!

Welp. I ran out of time to cover this next item–

More hip-hop news with TEEN TOP’s Changjo signing up to participate in the upcoming 6th season of Show Me The Money. The show focuses on discovering rap talent in South Korea and then exploiting the mess out of it all summer long.

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