Oh Na Na vs. Like I Do

Vaporwave goes toe-to-toe with Chillwave in this week’s Kpop Face-Off.

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Note: Starting with this Face-Off round, the champion (the winner) will now advanceĀ to the next round until it isĀ beat by the Challenger (the contender).

Electro-ambient, vaporwave artist Cherry Coke goes up againstĀ K.A.R.D’s mid-tempo-chill rookie release. Who will you choose as champion?

How to play

Watch bothĀ M/V’s below then vote for your fave at the bottom of the post. Polls close Sunday night. The ChampionĀ is announced Monday at noon.

Last week’s winner

Congrats to BGA!!! who won last week’s Face-Off with their M/V Who’s It Gonna Be.

The contender

Like I Do is a quirky little, ambient electro-pop track from artist Cherry Coke. The song isĀ chill to its very core, but the looping bubbly beat keeps this song afloat (probably right atopĀ pinkish turquoise clouds running alongside aĀ checkerboard pegasus flying overĀ a pyramid in the background). I couldn’t find much aboutĀ the artist, so we’ll have to let the M/V do the talking.

The contender


K.A.R.D debuted strong last year with the release of their mid-tempo track Oh NaNa. Fans called the 4-member, co-ed group a refreshing counterpoint to the usual gender divided all- maleĀ or female kpop groups. Oh NaNa was released in December 2016 and the reggae-groove track has steadily helped K.A.R.D build their fanbase. Converting the casual passerby to instastans. Oh NaNa isĀ not too fast nor too slow. It’s just the right beat to bob your head to.


It’s now timeĀ to vote away! Just a reminder: polls close Sunday at midnight CT

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