K-pop Face-Off: Ocean Drive vs. Oh NaNa

Can K.A.R.D contend with Babylon?

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K.A.R.D’s chill rookie release goes up against Babylon’s ultra-chill R&B track. Who will you crown as Champ of Chill this week?

How to play

Watch both M/V’s below then vote for your fave at the bottom of the post. Polls close Sunday night. The Champion is announced Monday at noon.

The Champion

Oh NaNa was one of K.A.R.D’s pre-debut releases that has steadily gained attention for the group’s upcoming debut.

You guys voted Oh NaNa the winner over last week’s contender. This week K.A.R.D’s track goes up against a new challenger.

The Challenger

Ocean Drive was released earlier last week by soloist Babylon. The song is a smooth R&B-groove track featuring rapper San E. Fellow R&B artist Dean was full of praise for the song earlier this week tweeting that Babylon’s vocals “shine through” on it. The song just melts into your ears with Babylon’s honey vocals and San E delivers a fantastic rap breakdown about midway through.


It’s now time to vote away! Just a reminder: polls close Sunday at midnight CT

1 comments on “K-pop Face-Off: Ocean Drive vs. Oh NaNa”

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