Tiger JK teams up with Bizzy for SMTM6

But WHY does this show have to be so messy?

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Earlier today it was reported that Tiger JK and “silent partner” Bizzy will form another producer team for the sixth season of Show Me The Money.

Tiger JK has like a billion years of production and rap credits to his name and is considered a living legend among both his peers and his fans.

Alongside Tiger JK is his wife, Yoon Mirae (Tasha) and the often quiet Bizzy. Together they make up the hip-hop trio, MFBTY, while also participating in various solo and collaboration activities.

While Kpop iFan officially doesn’t want to watch the show, ultimately with the producer line-up so far it’s looking impossible to avoid watching a couple of episodes of the upcoming season. That’s how they get you!

Show Me The Money have confirmed the addition of Tiger JK and Bizzy after announcing last week ZICO and Dean will also be a producer team  featured on the upcoming show scheduled to air later this year.

Sources: Korean Variety Recaps

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