First photo teasers for Triple H debut

Can Cube reclaim any fans with Triple H?

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Cube Entertainment revealed a new teaser photo for group Triple H set to debut later this month.

Triple H is comprised of Hyuna (formerly of 4-Minute) and two Pentagon members Hui and E’Dawn (Kim Hyo Jong).

The question is are they going the Troublemaker route or the K.A.R.D route with this Triple H group?

Netizens have pointed out before promotions may get sorta awkward if Triple H take the Troublemaker route on this thing. But then again, it may be tempting too many fates not to market a Hyuna sandwich with Triple H though.

Since they lost HIGHLIGHT, you’ve gotta imagine Cube’s on the defense to¬†make Triple H a Summer¬†sensation. Let’s hope Triple H’s hard work¬†pays off for everyone involved.

Sources: Soompi, Netizen Buzz

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