Throwback Thursday: Zion.T’s ‘Babay’

What made this song a hit back in 2013?

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Is there any doubt that there is no one cooler than Zion.T? If you’ve heard or¬†watched the M/V for Zion.T’s track Babay, I doubt you’ll need any further proof that the man is the poster boy for¬†freshness.

In case you have yet to watch the M/V or think you need further proof that this man is real, then I’ll let you in on the plot.

Decked out wearing¬†a skinny pimp suit and geometric steampunk sunglasses Zion.T handles a gold cane to usher us into a marvelous magical¬†museum he’s determined to defile. Zion.T swings between pimp persona and madman as he slays through lyrics meant to whoo¬†some helpless victim to his side.

As madman ‘T is dressed as that¬†evil top hat villain in a cape who ties¬†women to¬†railroad tracks in old-timey movies. Oddly and unexpectedly hot actually.

Then the night guard, played by Gaeko, appears to put a stop to madman Zion.T’s devious plot, but it’s too late. Evil ‘T prevails in his¬†artistic destruction.

The song Babay has¬†a distorted, funk feel¬†similar to something you might hear in a DaftPunk track. Psychedelic church organ meets groove master bass to create a crunchy upbeat backdrop¬†for Zion.T’s particular brand of smooth, funky R&B.

Things heat up again when Gaeko appears on the track to further impress upon us that we are all their bitches so just deal.


The song is a legend among K-pop R&B tracks. Babay peaked at No. 9 on the charts back in 2013 and made Zion.T a household name.

Sources: Wikipedia

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