SISTAR’s Hyolyn drops ‘Blue Moon’

As always Hyolyn delivers on new track.

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Today, Hyolyn of girl group SISTAR released a new solo track entitled Blue Moon.

There are some vocalists you can always count on. That’s Hyolyn. Her voice is sexy and she always sings with such a beautifulĀ force itĀ makes you want to hear what else she can sing.

Luckily for us, Hyolyn has been quite active in her solo activities andĀ keeps bringing us new tracks.

I find myself wishing the team had spent a little bit of the budget on this M/V, but it could be Hyolyn’s weird rabbit fur coat at the beach. Girl, it’s hot! Despite the costuming missteps, Hyolyn looks super pretty in the video.

Fans are waiting for a SISTARĀ comeback. In the meantime, the group are promoting their solo projects.

Sources: Soompi

1 comments on “SISTAR’s Hyolyn drops ‘Blue Moon’”

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