DinDin gets cute and ‘Lonely’

Bad luck is his only companion.

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Earlier today rapper DinDin dropped his new single entitled Super Super Lonely.

The M/V follows DinDin on his journey through an unlucky day. At the breakfast table, DinDin eats his delicious meal in front of his dream girl, played by IOI’s Jung Chae Yeon. The catch is she doesn’t know he exists. DinDin adorably sulks his way through his daily tasks and even manages to ruin his pot of ramen for lunch. His only companion seems to be his bad luck.

The song is a mild, slow-tempo, hip-hop track. DinDin adds a sweet and sultry vocal color with his rap style. And while he may be lonely, the overall feeling the tracks leaves is much more bittersweet. Like a lost puppy. Just pick him up already and take him home.

DinDin will continue to promote his comeback track Super Super Lonely.

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