Minzy dances solo in ‘Ninano’

Minzy finally has her say.

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Today former 2NE1 member, Minzy, released her first solo album entitled Uno. Minzy’s first track and M/V is for her song Ninano.

The song is a Caribbean dance track full of handclaps and tropical drumbeats. Minzy sings us a soft and clear invitation to dance with her.

The video’s best scene is probably the one where Minzy and her crew dance inside a white ambient studio decked out in kick-ass Minzy banners.

Unfortunately, the track falls a little flat for some fans. There is a strong enough build up, but Ninano never really goes anywhere.

To say the least, Ninano is not exactly a flop. It’s a solid first-step for Minzy’s solo career. But if she’s seeking to grow her fanbase it would be to her benefit to bring that banger ASAP.

Minzy will continue promoting her solo efforts through various tv appearances including this week’s upcoming episode of Hello Counselor.

Sources: Korean Variety Recaps

1 comments on “Minzy dances solo in ‘Ninano’”

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