Idol Maker: 100%

100% crowdfund to get a second chance.

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Recently, it was brought to KPop iFan’s attention that there exists an idol incubation project called Makestar.

Like Kickstarter for Kpop, Makestar let’s fans and would-be fans donate to their favorite acts so their shows can go on. If idols meet or exceed their monetary goals everybody wins, but if they don’t fans and idols get nothing.

Are any of these potential Makestar projects worth the investment? Let’s see shall we?


100% debuted back in 2012 under label TOP media (home to TEEN TOP). Since then the group have had several releases that more than confirm they are talented and deserving of success.

Maybe the problem has been that 100% are overlooked by the public or perhaps are poorly promoted.  But it always seems a little unfortunate that groups like 100% weren’t already successful enough before Makestar.

For example, 100%’s single Better Day, released back in 2016, is actually quite good.

Better Day is a club ballad, a slow building lyrical number over a fast beat. It does a perfect job of showing off the group’s major vocal range. Even the rap breakdowns are solid and offer a nice change in tempo.

Better Day was featured on 100%’s album entitled Time Leap which peaked at no. 4 on the Gaon charts. Not bad.

100% are currently a five member band made up of Minwoo, Rokhyun, Jonghwa, Chanyong and Hyukjin. It seems the members have had a rocky start, but with their Makestar campaign still running the group get another chance at success.

The good news is 100% have already met their funding goal from Makestar and we have new music from these guys to look forward to.

Sources: 100% fan page, Wikipedia

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