SF9 release ‘Easy Love’

SF9 comeback with a hit.

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Earlier today, boy group SF9 delivered their title track Easy Love.

The song is easy to love or at least something like it.

The song’s structure plays with┬áthe ethereal, otherworldly opening lines and builds to the rousing chorus. Easy Love is most exciting within its first one minute of play. There are no more surprises for the listeners for the remaining 2.5 minutes.

Although Easy Love is a likable track it’s hard not to wonder what if there had been that certain something that caught the listeners┬áby surprise after the 2-minute mark? The potential was there.

The M/V follows the song’s lead. The sets are slightly futuristic in a place time forgot. The guys mostly use these sets for dancing or sitting as there isn’t really a plot to the M/V.

Maybe they’re hackers, kinda lazy, pretty cute hackers? Anyway, it’s more than fine that the M/V lacks a storyline because you know– aesthetics. Aesthetics are good.

Easy Love is SF9’s title track from their new mini album Breaking Sensation.

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