Crayon Pop are gone not around any longer

An appreciation post for Crayon Pop’s music.

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Fans knew it was only a matter of time before Crayon Pop disbanded, but news came out on Tuesday to confirm that Crayon Pop’s contract had expired at the end of March.

Well this kinda sucks.

Crayon Pop released their massive hit Bar Bar Bar back in 2013.

Bar Bar Bar was dubbed the second Gangnam Style by journalists and certainly they weren’t far off. The song peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard K-Pop Hot 100 charts.

So Crayon Pop for me was an important part of my initial appeal to the genre. They sorta stood testament to ‘see, look what else K-Pop has to offer.’

Once I discovered some of their other releases like Saturday Night and Dancing Queen I was hooked on their half-quirky, half-dorky cheerleading concept.

I also discovered I genuinely liked their music.

It’s hard to describe the kinds of songs Crayon Pop have made, but they have a unique charm that’s distinctly Crayon Pop. Their vocals were not meant to be anything other than their own playful and light-hearted style and that’s ok.

Crayon Pop are not bringing us ballads. They’re singing pint-sized disco-pop songs. It’s not meant to be deep. They’re varsity chanting will suffice.

Complex, overly emotional singing is not even what they were trying to do anyway and that’s the point. In a world that’s as tumultuous as ours, Crayon Pop offered a delightful escapade as a ridiculous alternative.

Oh well, I guess. They flopped. Then disbanded. And so we just wait for the next crop.

But I couldn’t just let this disbandment go by without saying there were some notable Crayon Pop releases throughout their career.

I’ll leave it there with Dancing Queen, my favorite track from the height of Crayon Pop’s popularity.

Sources: Wikipedia, Asian Junkie


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