Fans get hype for Sechs Kies comeback

The world’s most adorable idols are returning.

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Earlier today it was reported that Sechs Kies are preparing their first album release in 17 years.

YG Entertainment, the group’s new agency, have confirmed that the new album is for Sechs Kies’Ā 20th anniversary.

In 2016, Sechs Kies were re-united to perform through MUDO’s Saturday Saturday is for Singers second special. Through the show the group put onĀ a guerrilla concert forĀ fans and were touched by their continued support.

Devoted fans have been anticipating the group’s formal return since then.

Sechs Kies are variety show gold. Their years of appearances on various realicom tv shows stand as evidence of this, but nothing comes close to their side-splitting appearance on Weekly Idol in late 2016 (above).

Fans can imagine Sechs Kies will make appearance on their favorite tv shows throughout theirĀ promotions this round, but it would be a dream come trueĀ if the guys got their own tv show this year.

YG Entertainment have yet to confirm the official release date for the new album, though April 28 is the tentative release date.

Sources: The Korean Herald, Wikipedia

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