K-Indie Camp: ‘Sense Trance Dance’ by 3rd Line Butterfly

New arrivals to the K-Indie Camp.

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3rd Line Butterfly are a 4-piece progressive rock band that I happened across a few years ago. Always one for chewing up new and different sounds, I savored my introduction to 3rd Line Butterfly’s upbeat post-rock performances.

At times the band are moody building on slow refrains and percolating auditory snaps, as witnessed in their single Smoke Hot Coffee Refill (스모우크핫커피리필).

Other times 3rd Line Butterfly beckon their audience in playfully with Nahm Sang Ah’s ambient vocal echoes and electronic riffs, like in their January 2017 release, Ex-Life.

3rd Line Butterfly offer an exceptional experience right outside the K-Pop box deserving of a once-over from interested parties.

You know, it’s artists like 3rd Line Butterfly that catalyze creativity in music. What they did years ago could very well be what we hear in K-Pop a few years from now.


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