Throwback Thursday: MBLAQ’s ‘Smoky Girl’

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We’re rolling back to the year 2013 when Smoky Girl by MBLAQ was released.

The song was part of my formal introduction to K-pop. I remember Smoky Girl for its looping house hook and mellow vocals. That driving disco beat in the background was not just enjoyable it made the song a favorite to keep on repeat.

Do you remember the M/V for Smoky Girl had them crazy floor strippers at three minutes in? I mean, maybe they were just limber.

But backing up a bit, there’s the opening scene of the video shot almost entirely in black and white. The guys look cool lounging around in the back of a club somewhere. In contrast, in the final scenes we see MBLAQ come alive in color.

Smoky Girl peaked at no. 18 on the Gaon charts.

Unfortunately, MBLAQ have since disbanded but I’m pretty sure everyone blames J Tune Camp for bailing on their own company and leaving MBLAQ out to dry and their fans without a proper goodbye.

Many MBLAQ members have gone on to actively promote their own solo activities.

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