Best New M/V: IU’s ‘Palette,’ BONUSbaby & Chung Ha

IU leads the pack of best new releases.

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IU leads the pack of best new releases today with the release of her track Palette featuring G-Dragon.

Palette is vapor, slow and emotional filtered through IU’s own brand of artistic sensibility. The M/V hits all the main points of life as a 25-year-old where we see IU’s preferences through Instagram, iTunes and other social media.

Palette is fine-tuned then with G-Dragon’s guest rap that pretty much ensures the songs long-lasting playability and success.

Chung Ha of Produce 101 Season 1 fame released her M/V for song Week.

Week borders ballad territory, but thankfully keeps safely within lullaby boundaries. The M/V lacks a plot, but is no less visually appealing with shots of Chung Ha in her pretty apartment that eventually gives way to her dreams.

It may have been a strategic move to have Chung Ha go solo, but while the songstress gives off vibes of Taeyeon, for better or for worse Chung Ha has a long way to go to reach that level.

BONUSbaby bursts into frame with their release from April 20 entitled If I Become An Adult. This may not be a great title, but then again neither is their name. While BONUSbaby may not give us much confidence to draw on, if we take one step inside we can see the group’s potential in their performance for the song.

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