[Update] #Rumor live post

Live tweeting K.A.R.D’s Rumor release.

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K.A.R.D’s new single entitled Rumor just dropped less than 30 minutes ago.

The song continues with the reggaeton sound that K.A.R.D is becoming well-known for in K-Pop. I for one am content with that decision as they excel at the sound.

I’m also glad that they centered some of the key points of the song on the male vocals a bit more with¬†Rumor.

The M/V is nothing special really, but the group dance makes for a¬†great shot. In the M/V we mostly see each of the members strolling through some shadowy¬†city water works plant. And I guess at the front of this place there’s a beaded curtain den with one king’s chair.

Doesn’t matter. Aesthetics. And the set¬†does look really cool. Like something serious just¬†went down and K.A.R.D shows up to pick up the broken pieces then break them¬†again dancing seamlessly in unison right over top of those broken pieces.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say I feel like I’m missing like 0.1% in this song that’s present in both the group’s previous singles. But overall, Rumor is a solid release and likely to be on¬†repeat for the next few weeks.

Fans should anticipate more videos from K.A.R.D’s Rumor release later this week.


Tonight at 10 PM Central Time, K.A.R.D will be releasing their brand new single entitled Rumor.

My review of Rumor and its M/V will be written live via Twitter.

Tag #Rumor to make this review¬†even more exciting because I’ll be going through tweets¬†before and after the live post to pull¬†fan reactions of the new release.

You can follow along live by following @kpopifan. Then, once the live tweeting is complete this post will be updated.

Since I’m trying something new with this post I hope it comes out alright, and if it works ok then I’ll definitely do it more.

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