K-Pop Face-Off: Echo vs. Really Really

WINNER meets rookie Seven O’Clock in this week’s Face-Off.

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This week, WINNER’s long-awaited comeback track meets rookie challenger, Seven O’Clock. Who will you crown Champion this week?

How to play

Watch both M/V’s below then vote for your fave at the bottom of the post. Polls close Sunday night. The Champion is announced Monday at noon.

The Champion

You guys voted Really Really the winner over last week’s contender. Congrats to WINNER!!! This week, Winner’s track goes up against a new challenger.

The Challenger

Seven O’Clock challenge for the top spot with their brand new release from last week entitled Echo. Echo is the title track off the group’s debut album Butterfly Effect. Seven O’Clock have debuted with an anthem that fits current global trends playing up its Caribbean influenced sound and dancehall beats.


Can Seven O’Clock echo Really Really’s win this week? It’s now time to vote away! Just a reminder: polls close Sunday at midnight CT

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