Idol Maker: BADKIZ

BADKIZ crowdfund to get a second chance.

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Like Kickstarter for Kpop, Makestar let’s fans and would-be fans donate to their favorite acts so their shows can go on. If idols meet or exceed their monetary goals everybody wins, but if they don’t fans and idols get nothing.

Are any of the current Makestar funding campaigns worth the investment? Let’s take a closer look shall we?


The five-member girl group debuted in 2014 with their single Ear Attack.

Since then the group have gone through a number of member changes ultimately leaving only one original member, Monika, in the current lineup.

BADKIZ give a sort of a Crayon Pop meets girl crush concept. They perform with shouts and varsity chanting and their songs have a quirky appeal, but at the same time the group are styled similarly to 2NE1 during their I’m the Best era with a pinch of early EXID.

In theory it’s not a bad combination, but then we are faced with reality. If funded can BADKIZ make it work?

On one hand we have their release Hothae which is really not that great of a song, but the M/V is sure to make people sit up and take notice. BADKIZ are just barely clothed and the cameras are locked on tight shots of their butts. Mostly their butts, yes.

On the other hand we have Ear Attack, a much better piece to showcase the group’s vocal ability and potential. BADKIZ as seen in Ear Attack feel a little more like the kind of girl group K-Pop could use more of. They are charismatic even if at times the M/V is just plain ludicrous.

Either route they take it’s gonna be an uphill climb for BADKIZ from now on. Getting funded is merely the first step.

The BADKIZ Makestar funding campaign continues through June 9. Currently, BADKIZ have raised 33% of their goal.

Sources: Makestar, Wikipedia

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