Triple H will flop? A wild prediction

Will Hyuna’s new group make it big or miss the mark?

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Hyuna is in this group her agency CUBE slap dashed together when they lost BEAST. The group is called Triple H and they’ve been posting promo photos left and right leading up to their debut on May Day.

Full disclosure: I’m not a devoted Hyuna fan outside a couple of 4-Minute songs from back in the day and I have no earthly idea who the two dudes are in Triple H so you can see why I wrote the title the way I did. Plus, it’s a slow news day. What do you want from me ppl?

Anyway, this is a wild prediction and nothing more. I can’t prove something will flop before it does and so it’s a 50:50 guess. Will Triple H flop or won’t it?

In my eyes Triple H have already flopped because I don’t get the concept? Actually, I do get it.

It’s like retro-California, rich kids wearing inappropriate furs in summer looking sorta high but not in a good way because they also look like teenage prostitutes who ran out of money and were forced to do drugs before sex in a dirty motel as seen through a smoky yellow Instagram filter.

Yeah, I get it. I just don’t like it.


Aesthetics. The ones here are not working real well for me. Mostly because I get this sneaking suspicion that the staff were thinking too far outside of the wrong box.

You know. Keep it real. Make it clean and simple. No 2-bit fashion editorials, Hmm-k? Maybe make it a bit charming with a couple of nice smiles thrown in for good measure.

I for one am seriously doubting Triple H will leave much of a lasting impression on me once their song is out and maybe my expectations would be remedied with a kind of bright endorsement from the members.


Also 66% of Triple H look dumb with strawberry blonde hair and Hyuna is hanging on to her percentage by a thread.

The staff are right about one thing, though. I can’t possibly guess what this song is going to sound like and therefore I’m intrigued. I’ll have to listen to it… mostly because I have to listen to it in order to blog.

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