Watching Produce 101 Season 2: Kim Yongjin, Lee Daehwi, Lee Seokyu

Meet the contestants being covered in Season 2.

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It’s been little more than 2 weeks since Produce 101 Season 2 began airing in South Korea. The show aims to scout¬†new idol talent by inviting trainees onto the show and then through a series of elimination rounds the nation will choose the 11 best.

The first season had all female contestants while the new season has all male contestants.

The new season is just beginning to pick up steam as the contestants have all auditioned, been evaluated by the show’s trainers, split into performance groups and have yet to be eliminated… yet.

The entire scope of the show is extremely broad. After all there are 101 (more like 98 by the time the show made it to air) and so I’ve boiled my coverage down to 3 contestants for¬†Season 2.

Kim Yongjin (Ranked #61)

Kim Yongjin seems like an awfully sweet young man who is not getting enough airtime on the show. A big concern for any contestant, but especially for Yongjin given his parents’ reaction¬†to his lack of airtime.

There was a post circulating on Pann last week stating Yongjin’s parents have been spotted handing out flyers (in the rain!!!) at an all-girls school promoting their son as a contestant on the show.

Stories like Yongjin’s¬†break your heart, but honestly he shows he’s got potential in the video above. Certainly no less potential than anyone else on the show. While I’m not sure he’ll be around for too much longer, I hope we get to see¬†a little more of his talent before his departure.

Lee Daehwi (Ranked #2)

Is Daehwi likable or not? That seems to be the question of the week.

Lee Daehwi is a 2-year-old trainee at Brand New Music. That’s home to San E and Verbal Jint, friends. I was surprised, but Daehwi is super talented. Even if it’s hard to imagine this elven sprite of a boy frolicking with D San E crew Brand New is Daehwi’s¬†training ground. Somebody quick! Write this fan fic for me!

Anyway, Daehwi has got it all when it comes to talent and skill. He sings, raps, dances and composes songs. Honestly, he doesn’t even need this show. His career is already set even if he doesn’t make it to the top 11 and personally I’m¬†here for this.

Lee Seokyu (Ranked #50)

On April 11, it was revealed that Lee Seokyu had been assaulted by three of his ex-bandmates. It’s been well documented around the web so you can find links below explaining the reported incident.

Since he’s debuted previously in another group it seems he has more talent than we have yet to see on the show.

I hope we’ll see Seokyu¬†outshine¬†his past through¬†this season.

Each week I’ll post an update for each of the above contestants to evaluate how they are doing on the show.

Sources: Pann, Omona They Didn’t, Soompi, @101BoysGlobal

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