Netizens threaten to boycott PD 101 S2 over concert subunit

Netizens react to Produce 101 concert subunit

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It was announced on April 25 that the current season of Produce 101 will select 23 additional members to perform at various events and concerts once the show wraps.

This has caused a stir amongst Netizens who reacted strongly to the news calling the move greedy of Mnet (the show’s network) and threatening to boycott the current season of the show.

One netizen commented:

“What’s more scary is that they can’t refuse to be in the group. Even if they have the right, they still can’t. If a participant refuses to, Mnet will interfere his company’s appearances. They won’t be able to promote and they’ll lose money, do you think they’ll refuse what Mnet tells them to do? The company also has to consider their trainees and will not refuse it. Only the participants will suffer the damage. We have to stop the concert group.”

On the other hand, should the production team do a good job to support the concert subunit this announcement may have a better outcome than not.

Granted, that’s asking a lot of Mnet. But it’s hard to deny that the additional exposure might do well to promote the individuals and further their career a little bit more.

Produce 101 Season 2 is currently airing Fridays on Mnet.

Sources: K-Pop, K-Fans

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