PD101 S2: Lee Seokyu is like some cute cosplay experiment

Our Seokyu’s cute and charming appeal so far.

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So far we’ve seen Lee Seokyu here and there on Produce 101. While he’s not frequently shown he sure gets a hell of a lot more screen time than our Kim Yongjin.

On episode one we see Seokyu and his label mate, Han Minho from IT Ent., watching and reacting to contestants from the ranks.

What we didn’t get to see in the final-cut of the first two episodes was Seokyu and Minho’s audition. The two performed Zero For Conduct by BASTARZ and Seokyu sings his part just a little bit better than Minho does.

In last week’s episode, Seokyu moved up from F to D class when they had class re-evaluations and at the moment he’s ranked right in the middle at No. 50.

It’s not that Seokyu is exceptionally good-looking or phenomenally talented, but he does stand out from the crowd with his hyper-adorableness and what appears to be unrefined talent.

That’s his “it” factor.


All Seokyu needs in order to break into the top 30 is to combine his it factor with kickass performances. Easier said than done, but if he keeps up with practicing he just might stand a chance.

Good luck next week, Seokyu!

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