K-Indie Camp: Peterpan Complex invited to Glastonbury

Happy to welcome Peterpan Complex to camp!

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Earlier today it was announced Korean Indie band Peterpan Complex will perform on stage at this year’s Glastonbury Festival.

HanCinema reports:

The band’s management agency Ruby Records said Wednesday, “Peterpan Complex will perform twice during the festival”.

This year’s lineup features some world famous musicians such as Radiohead and Ed Sheeran.

Peterpan Complex are an electronic indie rock band that have been performing since 2002.

The M/V above is for one of my favorite tracks from the band. The song is entitledĀ ģ“‰ģ“‰, a sweet sounding synth-pop number that makes you look and feelĀ like a smart grownup when you play it for friends.

Congratulations to Peterpan Complex and we wish them good luck this summer on their Glastonbury stages!

Sources: HanCinema, Generasia

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