PD101 S2: Kim Yongjin’s long road to stardom

We call on the idol god of kindness, Kwanghee, to help Yongjin survive.

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Kim Yongjin is ranked in the lower half of Produce 101, but that doesn’t dim¬†his bright smile one bit. Ranked at No. 61, Kim Yongjin has already traveled a long way to get here and still has a long way to climb¬†to make it to the top.

In the first two episodes we hardly see Yongjin at all.

Yongjin then dropped down to the F class after the first round of re-evaluations, but he remained upbeat just the same.

At last in the third episode we finally get to see Yongjin talking to another contestantРappointing his teammate leader and center for their group.

The difference between Yongjin and the top half of the contestants on this show isn’t looks it’s popularity. The kid that’s probably too damn nice for his own good throws away his last chance to rise in order to support his teammates.

And instead of Yongjin appealing to his group to grab himself a decent slice of the rap in their performance of Manse, he totally accepts the singing parts instead. And I’m sorry but Yongjin’s¬†rapping is way better than his singing and I’m certain he knows it.

That means his only stage performance that has made it to air so far is Kim Yongjin singing. Fuck. Not great.

Sure, with practice he’d be a better singer, but time is a’ticking. He’s good at rap already. He should be rapping every chance he gets.

Is it actually possible for Yongjin to rise in ranks because it is so competitive on the show and he is so nice and so quiet he might not snatch the popularity points he needs in order to survive.

Actually, he just breaks my fucking heart. I hope. I really, really, really hope he makes it someday somehow as an idol. Makes me want to call on Kwanghee.


Kwanghee, listen. I know you’re busy serving in the army right now, but can you mentor your boy, Yongjin? Teach him how to be nice AND grab the upper hand in such a cut-throat industry, please. Love Always, Me!

Kwanghee says he’s in, guys ūüėČ Good luck this week, Kim Yongjin!

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