Throwback Thursday: INFINITE H ‘Without U’

Remember this song from 2013?

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INFINITE H released their track Without U back in January 2013. The song was the second release off their album entitled Fly High.

INFINITE H is a 2-member subunit of the group INFINITE made up of members Hoya and Dongwoo. In INFINITE it’s these two who handle the majority of the rap vocals.

It was a wise move to create this subunit since it gave the group’s rappers a chance to deliver a full hip-hop album.

The song Without U is rhythmic and lyrical. Definitely hip-hop, trimmed up nice and neat. There’s an edgy quality present in Without U that is more moody than hardcore, more sentimental and laid back.

Without U was co-written by Zion.T who also featured on the track and M/V. That explains why it’s such a cool genre-bending track.

The M/V for the song is mostly a monochromatic montage of Hoya, Dongwoo and Zion.T snapping, winking and posing for the camera. Which is absolutely fine! Somehow in fact it matches the song perfectly.

Big names in Korean hip-hop worked behind the scenes to help bring INFINITE H’s album to life.

Lil Boi and Louie along with Zion.T contributed to the lyrics for Without U. While Gaeko, Beenzino and Paloalto wrote lyrics for other songs featured on Fly High.

It’s no wonder the album charted so well peaking at No. 2 on the Gaon Album Chart.

Every once in a great while Dongwoo and/or Hoya will hint at an INFINITE H comeback, but what are the chances really? Seems like we’ll have to make do Without U.

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