Varsity are dirty golfers in ‘Hole’

Maybe my mind is in the gutter, but Varsity is probably suggesting something here.

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Today rookie group Varsity debuted with their track entitled Hole In One.

The song is not bad, though slightly on the forgettable side. Hole In One is an upbeat electronic dance track with dancehall undertones.

The vocals are doled out to the 12 members in the group. Half the song is sung in true K-Pop fashion the other half is idol rap. A pretty typical setup until you get to the English lyrics.

Varsity are not fooling anyone over the age of 15 (and some more advanced 13-year-olds) with lyrics that go:

Hole In Hole In (Hole In One, Baby)
One Shot One Kill Hole In One
Hole In Hole In One
All In All In
Hole In Hole In
Hole In Hole In One

Like really? Not even close to suggesting just straight up diving right in. Well ok then. I’m just bemused. Like ha-ha! This is what I’ve been waiting for, K-Pop!

The M/V for Hole In One is also a little strange. There is a plot, but the continuity is choppy.

The story goes that all 12 guys fall in love with one extremely hot girl who golfs. The girl zooms off to the golf course and the guys arrive later and meet up with the hot girl and her friend.

This is all intercut with shots of the guys group dance scenes and the hot girl dancing alone. Back on the course at last the guys get a hole in one and they celebrate.

So are they all singing about effing the same girl??? Cool.

But dammit, Varsity. We just met.

If they are going to keep this up then I will have to keep an eye on them because this is what legends are made of.

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