Best New M/V: SECHSKIES ‘Sad Song,’ Suran & LOOΠΔ 1/3

SECHSKIES comeback to top this week’s best M/V.

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SECHSKIES marked their comeback and 20th anniversary with two brand new tracks Sad Song and Be Well today.

Sad Song is a bit faster and a bit more ear candy for newer fans. It’s a mid-tempo track well-rounded with juicy hand claps and rap breakdowns.

The vocals sound bittersweet and at once they are a clubland lullaby. It’s a good thing that they decided to stick to the center of the K-Pop genre rather than reaching too far for what’s on trend.

That said this song is a perfectly new and a refreshing break from all the tropical-house, genre-bending K-Pop that’s just starting to hit its saturation point.


Armys have already done all that can be done to promote Suran’s new track on Twitter. If I Get Drunk Today was released last night (in the wee hours here in H-Town).

The song was produced by SUGA of BTS which is why Armys took up the cause. Suran’s voice is quite a unique sound in R&B. It has an IU hushed quality with a much more soulful twist.

If I Get Drunk Today I thought was supposed to have a M/V released for it today, but all I have found so far is the track itself posted to YouTube. Anyway, the song has arrived and it too is pleasant departure from the tropical dancehall year in K-Pop.


Loona rounds out our week’s best M/V that have yet to be covered. It is so difficult to review slow songs because I genuinely don’t get into them, but I’ll make an effort by focusing on the M/V.

Loona are extremely beautiful young ladies. They somehow make dancing on a rooftop in the middle of a crowded apartment district the most beautiful thing I’ve seen all week. I mean, people’s laundry is just chilling in the background getting dry, but the ladies are fresh and bright wearing all white lacy dresses.

Personally not my cup of tea, but I can see the marketability with them and so I am sharing them as one of the best this week. Again I’m slightly more grateful for this release because it distinctly does not sound like tropical anything.

Just count Loona as another poster child for straight K-Pop in 2017.

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