PD101 S2: Lee Daehwi starts at the top, remains at the top

The show’s most controversial center.

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Lee Daehwi must be popular because PD 101 fans are already squabbling amongst themselves about whether or not Daehwi is:

  1. Popular
  2. Likable
  3. Cute

Lee Daehwi is ranked No. 2 and no amount of negative comments or downvoting his fancams is likely to change that.

In the first two episodes we learn Daehwi is a multi-talented trainee of two years. Fans reported that Daehwi first trained under JYP and later moved to Brand New Music where he is currently under contract as a trainee.

In his 17 years he has already written and composed 35 songs. From the audition stage on Produce 101 he was appointed to the A group.

Even Trainer BoA marveled at Daehwi’s performance saying he was “quality.”

Not only does Daehwi write and compose songs, he also sings, raps and dances at or above idol level already. When fans watch Daehwi it’s hard to remember he is still only a trainee.

By the third episode Daehwi’s been acknowledged by trainers and contestants alike. He remained in group A even after the first round of re-evaluations.

Talent does not always go recognized, but in Lee Daehwi’s case it is hard to miss. He is 10/10 talent, another 10/10 skill.

Dancing is always on point. Clean. He never misses a step. He’s also bright and charming.

What Daehwi must do to make it on this show is the same thing he’ll have to do throughout his career. He’ll have to learn to put negative comments behind him and just excel at what he does best.

Previously, I mentioned Daehwi doesn’t need this show and I still believe that’s true. He’s got a career in music with or without Produce 101.

However, I also want him to succeed on the show. As an idol who writes and composes his songs, Daehwi steps into an entirely different class. One we rarely get to see through shows like Produce 101.

Good luck next week, Daehwi!

Sources: One Hallyu

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