Blood, Sweat & Tears

Why Nam Joon! Why?

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After a long break I rediscovered BTS back in March. I’d been sleeping on the ‘Boys since their Boy In Luv release.

When I finally made my way over to their M/V for Blood Sweat and Tears, my jaw dropped. Wig snatched. Ears lit. Etc, etc.

Like where did all that come from? I was amazed at how much more their sound had developed. How much work they’d put in and how big it has been returning as gains in their popularity.

It was then I felt inspired to complete this drawing using Blood Sweat and Tears as a catalyst. The drawing is meant to depict a moment in time when reality and persona overlap, but put simply it’s an homage to youth.


Drawing on Nam Joon’s particular charms here was more influenced by his feature on Gaeko’s track Gajah than anything. When I heard Nam Joon’s vocals for that track I was shook yet again.

Again, I was like where did all that come from? Bewildered, I thought, Wasn’t he flipping on basketball courts last time I saw him? Damn. I mean.

If you haven’t heard Gajah yet you really really need to hear it because I have rarely heard so much fire on one track. Nam Joon gets real close to stealing that track from Gaeko and it is thrilling to hear it again and again.

Anyway, celestial, floral Nam Joon (Rap Monster) looks eternally youthful here. May his reign as youth’s poster boy last for a long time to come.


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