FanFic Recap: Namjoon is a psycho badass in ‘Love’

A world where Namjoon and Jimin work for a covert assassin organization.

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bazooka has blessed us, y’all! Make You Feel My Love is a one-chapter adrenaline rush straight to the brain. You may think you know BTS fic, but if you haven’t read this then nope, you don’t.


Title: Make You Feel My Love
Author: bazooka

Make You Feel My Love takes place in a near-future, alternate universe. One in which Namjoon is a badass double-agent secretly working for a shadowy vigilante assassin organization.

Namjoon is a cleaner, a professional, the best. He takes care of the “things” that get out of hand in this society with total annihilation. It is also Namjoon’s job to pick up and train new recruits for the organization.

This is where Jimin enters. Namjoon’s charge, a new recruit with a long wrap sheet. He’ll have to train Jimin to be one of the best. What neither of them expect is the electric spark of attraction that flairs up between them setting into motion¬†the wheels¬†of their fate.


In Make You Feel My Love¬†author, bazooka, paints a grim picture. It’s a dog-eat-dog society and the government are the absolute bad guys. You can almost breathe this world’s toxicity. Given a setup like that you can’t expect love to take root let alone flourish, but that’s exactly what happens.

bazooka captures and beautifully emphasizes all of Namjoon’s natural charms, but he’s somehow different in this world. He’s more ruthless, more powerful. So much so even the simple act of his pulling on leather gloves is a heightened seduction.

Still Namjoon¬†can be vulnerable even when he’s managed for years to be extremely professional, cold and calculating.

It’s all Jimin’s fault! Namjoon has never before encountered a recruit so delicate and yet so justifiably violent. A combination Namjoon finds irresistible, impossible to shake.

And Namjoon would have never had to meet him¬†if Jimin, that loose cannon, hadn’t ended up in jail in the first place.

Jimin’s mugshot. He’d somehow contrived to look both wicked and innocent at the same time, like a holographic card Рturn it one way to see innocence, the other to see evil Рand Namjoon’s blood went cold, and then hot, and then cold again.

The copy room was indeed through the staff only door. Namjoon took a moment to put Jimin’s file through the shredder before moving on down the hallway to the server room, where he casually installed a virus in the system that would seek out and destroy all copies of Jimin’s arrest records before finally destroying itself. He liked that virus. It was a good virus.

Quotes from Make You Feel My Love

At times bazooka is downright humorous with the characters and their banter. Playing with the¬†audience using ¬†the character’s dry wit¬†to¬†tell the story.

Then suddenly bazooka will flip the scene around shifting it to a different, more sinister angle or hitting it with a more striking and brilliant light. Driving the audience to want more.

They were in the enormous parlor of an old house somewhere in one of the old money neighborhoods, a place with a fireplace too big for its own good, well-varnished rich brown hardwood under foot, a huge area rug that looked more expensive than Namjoon’s very expensive suit. He sat in an armchair that looked straight out of a Mucha painting, curling wood and soft cream upholstery, and on the hearth next to him there was a plastic sheet laid out on the floor.

Quote from Make You Feel My Love

It’s that complete opposites play out side-by-side in a single¬†scene that pulls the reader deeper into Namjoon and Jimin’s underworld.

That unhinged¬†snapshot zoomed in¬†through¬†a something’s-not-quite-right-here camera lens. We need to see more.

Silence of the sort broken only by the ticking of clocks and the whisper of breath settled between them like a cat. Thick. Impermeable. Warm somehow, almost pleasant if not for the heavy thud of Namjoon’s heart in his chest.

Quote from Make You Feel My Love

Make You Feel My Love is part of the¬†5 Lives series.¬†Yes, we are blessed by bazooka’s work. Just kick back and get transported to a world where we discover how Jimin can make¬†Namjoon’s heart thud in his chest.

Read Make You Feel My Love ->

Sources: Archive Of Our Own

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