#MusicMonday: Queen Hyolyn has arrived in the top 3

IU is still blocking bitches, but Hyolyn has soared into the top 3

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1. Palette by IU

2. Can’t Love You Anymore by IU

3. BLUE MOON by Hyolyn

There’s no surprise that IU is still blocking bitches on this week’s chart, but what a total and welcome surprise that Hyolyn has arrived at #3 on Gaon’s Digital Chart this week.

Back on April 14, Hyolyn released BLUE MOON, an EDM dance anthem that features a rap break by Changmo. Hyolyn’s honey vocals are simultaneously ebullient and hypnotizing giving the track an airy quality that rolls in like an early morning fog.

And if that description doesn’t make sense then there’s this fact: Jam this track until summer ends and you will not be sorry you did.

As for IU, nobody here is surprised she’s still ranking in the top two on any chart in Korea right now. She is just that popular. But will be glad when her reign is done.

Let’s get some new blood on this chart, people!

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