Triple H so ‘Fresh’ delivery?

Did Triple H deliver the funk they teased us with?

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Triple H have released their debut track entitled 365 Fresh.

The track has moments of funk which is a welcome sound.

The song starts out strong delivering the the funk bassline we were promised in teasers, but then it takes a strange turn overwriting the funk bassline with some horn infused K-pop backing track once the intro ends and the singing begins.

The majority of the vocals, though, have no¬†funk influence whatsoever. Save for the singers occasionally chanting out the spelling of “F-R-E-S-&-H” which is very funk, very disco.

The old bait and switch. This song is over 33% not what I anticipated from the M/V teasers released last week. 365 Fresh is actually over 66% K-pop inspired a little bit by funk.

These kids are fucking with me. But whatever.

The M/V for 365 Fresh is about Hyuna¬†committing a murder, one of the guys stealing a bag¬†of money from gangsters and the other guy attempting suicide.¬†They’re on the run from the law so everybody goes clubbing.

Of course, they had to sneak in that shot of the threesome everyone was more or less certain this group was going to give us.

You may remember last week I made a prediction:¬†will the song flop or won’t it? I said the song would flop based on a hunch Hyuna might not be able to hard carry this group and more notably that the¬†group’s cracked out Brady Bunch concept were just not working for me.

Now that it’s been delivered I can say with confidence I’ve been much more underwhelmed before by hyped up concepts and 365 Fresh is fine. It’s a pleasant delivery overall and the track ought to perform well on charts. I personally was hoping for more disco, but maybe next time.

Fans are sure to get a healthy helping of Triple H while they promote 365 Fresh for days to come.

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