What if anything is wrong with 365 Fresh?

Trigger warning: self-harm

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When I originally wrote about Triple H’s new release it was a little over a week ago. Before the song actually dropped. Before the M/V actually dropped.

Earlier today I watched and reviewed the new release entitled 365 Fresh. There is something wrong with the presentation, but what exactly?

Netizens have had plenty to say about the M/V and iFans have had plenty to say about the song.

Some Netizens find the M/V a hypocritical display following Hyuna’s comments to the media last week saying her skin exposure is ok if it’s justified.

“So what justifies this music video? Go and practice your singing, you’re sexy enough without all of this”

While others were outraged at the sexual suggestion.

“Might as well shoot a porno… what is this…”

iFans are calling Triple H’s 365 Fresh a Bruno Mars rip-off.

“Just bring back Troublemaker lol no one asked for this..”

I could care less about the Bruno Mars sound-alike song and the threesome scene (y’all we already knew they were at least going to go that far).

But after listening to the song and watching the M/V several times today I am concerned about something. It’s the scene where one of the group members is shown attempting to self-harm by placing a plastic bag over his head.

I have to wonder is that really necessary?

Look, I know albums have got to sell and this venture has to turn a profit, but it is exactly that scene for me that makes me ask, but at what cost?

If nothing more (and there may be other implications) the scene is a trigger for some and for others it momentarily looks as if the M/V is inclined to romanticize the whole situation. As if to say these kids are cool.

Not to mention Hyuna’s attempted murder scene. Like, what exactly is this M/V trying to get across to its audience?

While it is all fiction, it’s also insensitive to their audience which is made up of many different types of people many of which are young people who have very real lives and very real thoughts that are still forming.

Again, it feels like the team of decision makers were thinking too far outside the wrong box. Why go that far to make a buck?

Usually in these cases I don’t post because I know the first thing these types of arguments accomplish is the exact opposite of the intention, but no one has said anything about that particular scene and because it is much more troubling than either of the topics people are bring up I decided to speak up.

Sources: Netizen Buzz 1, 2

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