PD101 S2: Daehwi’s greed pays off

How did Seokyu, Daewhi and Yongjin do in the group battle?

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It was live stage performance week on Produce 101 Season 2 episode 4.

The guys broke into 8 teams to do battle on stage. Two teams went head-to-head each round. The audience voted and each winning team earned an additional 3000 points which really changed the overall rankings.

Lee Daehwi had slipped down to #15 before the bonus points, but since his team won with their performance of Boy In Luv, they received the additional 3000 points and Daehwi jumped back up to position #2.

Netizens still don’t seem to know what to make of Daehwi.¬†Although he’s been critiqued how and why he chose his team, it did pay off by¬†the end of this episode.


Kim Yongjin is still ranked at #61. His team did not win the bonus points with their performance of SEVENTEEN’s Manse.


Lee Seokyu is ranked at #50. His team also lost in their performance of EXO’s¬†Call Me Baby.

The guys are still working and practicing hard and the numbers will keep changing as they perform more. Here’s hoping their ranks increase.

Wishing them all good luck this week!

Sources: Pann Choa

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