Netizens cry conspiracy over PD101 food distribution

Is Mnet discriminating based on participant rank?

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Netizens are finding another reason to be mad at Produce 101 Season 2 by comparing this season’s food to last season’s. I guess the Popeye’s was just a one time thing, then.

“The kids on Produce2 literally shoved their food in their mouths, we couldn’t even see them eating”

“This is not how you treat humans… That’s too much”

Netizens are criticizing Produce 101 probably based on a rumor that the show is withholding food and bathroom breaks based on group rank this season.

“It’s all because they decided to give food based on ranks… Mnet, you shouldn’t treat food like that”

Mnet has denied these rumors by telling contestants to zip it.

Judging from the screenshots posted from the original article I can’t really tell how much food they were given or how much food the participants are usually given. We’ll have to wait and see if fans find more evidence.

Sources: Pann Choa, Omona They Didn’t 1, 2

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