#ThrowbackThursday: 2NE1 ‘Can’t Nobody’

Back in the year 2010 we visit the future of the girl crush concept.

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Let’s rewind back to a time when things were simpler. Not for us, but for 2NE1.

It’s the year 2010 and 2NE1 reign as the undisputed queens of K-Pop. Releasing bop after wig-snatching bop no one held a candle to 2NE1 in terms of fire.

That’s when Can’t Nobody came along and blessed Black Jacks and non-2NE1 fans alike. Good music comes to all who will receive it openly.

Can’t Nobody opens with CL’s lyrical vogueing leading to a fast-driving synth beat and CL’s opening rap. Minzy busts onto the track singing like, “Oh nu-uh, bih. Behold! I’m the bad one!” Bom softens things up a little, but really she’s just gathering up the songs energy to hit them power notes. Then it’s time for Sandara to swoop in on robot roller skates like, “You rannng?”

Whew! They just don’t make songs like these anymore.



The M/V in case you don’t remember, starts off with individual cuts of each of the four members just going about their business being badasses. Minzy looks killer in her leather and steel studded bodice. But wait girl, them hip waves gonna kill somebody! They get it together on-stage all four of them dancing in sync. Having what looks like the time of their lives.

It was not a great week for at least 1/4 of the girl group this week (poor Bom) and while each of the members of 2NE1 look ahead to solo activities we take a look back from where they came.

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