VIXX will flop? A wild prediction

Here’s my prediction for VIXX’s comeback.

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Jellyfish have announced VIXX will make a comeback with a new album entitled 도원경 on May 15. Based on the concept photos I will predict whether or not 도원경 will flop.

The group are going with a far east Asian historical concept and have already released two rounds of photo teasers.vixx-02.jpgvixx-03.jpg

It won’t flop.

Visually this concept suggests sweeping, epic romance and the VIXX fandom are ready to feast.

While the concept may not be new, it’s been a crazy long time since we’ve received such a healthy portion of historical conceptual anything. Let alone it being done so well.

As long as the song isn’t boring reggae or a…a…a ballad (shudder), this will work. I foresee VIXX reaching a new level of popularity with this round of promotions as well.

Good luck, VIXX!

Sources: Wikipedia

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