K-netz side with SM over former trainee

Remember Neil the ex-SM trainee?

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Back in May 2015 former SM trainee, Neil Hannigan, gave a very candid interview via Reddit about his experience training at SM for 2 years.

Although done 2 years ago, the interview was recently translated to Korean and posted onto Pann where Netizens voiced their opinions.

“Wow how did I focus on reading all of that. I’ve always had a bad image of SM but the more I read the more I started liking SMㅌㅋㅋㅋㅋThere’s nothing unfair with them..The training teacher? He sounds like a real parent”

The comments were mostly supportive of SM and its training process, which I found surprising after reading the interview Neil gave.

While the former trainee doesn’t overly criticize SM, I don’t exactly get a rosy image of the company either.

“They’re cleaner than I thought ㅋㅋㄱIn the old days there were talks about trainees owning tons of debts to smaller companies so I was wondering how SM would fit in this, but they’re better than I thought. They don’t give up on their old trainees but send them to other companies to see if they can debut and give them another shot? I always thought that the big companies were always in competition.”

Are we reading the same interview, Sis?

Then again, maybe these Netizens have a really, really, really bad image of SM. Far worse than the impression I got from Neil’s interview.

I guess it’s just one of them things where Netizens lost me.

Sources: Pann Choa

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