BTS are attending the BBMAs and ARMYs are lit

BTS are kinda blowing up whether you like it or not.

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It’s official BTS are confirmed to attend The Grammy’s The Billboard Music Awards.

All I can think of is when world’s collide/is this how K-Pop succeeds in American promotion on purpose (assuming PSY blowing up in 2013 was ever so slightly random)?

Back in April 2017 when Billboard announced their nominations for the Social Media Artist category, it sounded like bullshit.

Album of the year? Song of the year? Artist of the year? Ok, we recognize those categories without a second glance, but Social Media Artist? What does that even…?

It’s relevance.

BTS might be an indication that all you really need now is relevance.

Billboard could probably use a dose of that relevance too.Ā Hence the Social Media category.

BTS BillboardĀ nomination (and possible subsequent win) are owed in part to theirĀ fandom because these bitches don’t play.

As of May 8, 2017 I hereby announce I respect ARMYs. I hope I don’t change my tune, but y’all get shit done and I appreciate a fandom as rightfully dedicated as yours.

Alright, congrats everybody! Break a leg, BTS!


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