iFan seeks irl Kpop fam

How do you make friends with fellow Kpop fans irl?

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In a world gone global, connections with someone halfway around the world are sometimes more likely to form than with the people you meet everyday.

Take for exampleĀ an iFan who posted a question wondering how other Kpop fans made friendsĀ with other Kpop fans in real life.

“how do you deal with not having any fellow kpop fan pals irl? i really wish i could find people that also liked and were interested in kpop in person.”

“if you don’t have any irl kpop friends do you wish you did? if you do how did you find each other? is finding kpop friends worth wading through the constant streams of koreaboos?”

Most of the replies are from Kpop fans whoĀ go it alone. They no longer actively seek out irl Kpop friends.

“I don’t think it’s that weird to enjoy kpop by yourself tbh. Like I’m sure it would be nice to have friends to share it with, but at the end of the day I think it can really just be something for you and just you to like. Personally I’ve never come close to meeting someone with a similar taste in kpop, but that doesn’t really bother me much at all.”

“I’m… mostly over wishing I had friends who were as into kpop as I am, to be honest. Like, I’m almost 25 and I’d still really love to have someone to fangirl with over everything, I’m usually more than content to enjoy the content on my own, and maybe talk to people online about it.”

OP brings up a good point. It does get a bit lonely as a Kpop stan, especially in the U.S. Thankfully the online community can be really supportiveĀ but, I too wish I could fangirl with my BFF over everything everyday.

Sources: Reddit

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