T-ARA shoots (final?) M/V as quartet

These are T-ARA’s final days… maybe?

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Earlier today, T-ARA shared some behind the scenes shots of their final (maybe final) M/V as a foursome.

Is it a shame? Probably because I still don’t know exactly what went wrong or who to believe, but I think one thing is clear MBK may not be great at their jobs in managing and promoting their groups properly. And T-ARA are probably an example of this.

In the end, this group went back to being a 6-member group, and now move on as a 4-member group with the original members. Why did they put in a new member who isn’t even verified, and end up ruining their image? Kwangsoo’s only good at media playing and he can’t foresee the future.

Before T-ARA sort of officially disband, the group are promoting not a six member unit, but as four. Then, who knows?

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