Netizens confused over Crayon Pop’s status

To be fair they warned us they weren’t breaking up yet.

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Crayon Pop are going on with promotions after member Soyul resigned her spot to go get married to some ex-idol who we all now know is some kind of a creep.

Well, that is awkward. And Netizens and I have no idea what to make of it.

Have’t they been effectively disbanded since ‘Bar Bar Bar’?

I honestly thought they had disbanded already…

Others pointed out who cares because Soyul was a nuisance who deserved to marry an equally annoying partner.

The members are the victims if you think about it. They thought she had a panic disorder the whole time but still supported her and even went to her wedding only to find out she was pregnant the whole time. That betrayal.

Still, I wish them luck because maybe this time they’ll find success?

Unfortunately, I doubt it and I wish they’d make a clean break. Get out while there’s still a modicum of respect left for the group.


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