Netizens call Elris debut the next DIA

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Netizens have some strong opinions on Elris’ debut earlier today. Most of the opinions suggest getting a new concept.

“One thing’s for sure, an idol’s future is determined by their company…”

“Sexy concepts would match this group better than innocent ones ㅜㅜ a shame their agency can’t do better for them. This is a group that would do so well under an agency like JYP ㅜㅜ”

“Basically ‘Sohee and the Idols’… the second DIA. You’ll never have a group succeed with only one shining member. You need to have all of the members gain equal attention like Twice.”

“We’re going to need a girl group encyclopedia at this rate. I bet you all of these groups are operating in the reds other than Twice, Girlfriend, and Black Pink. And yet they keep debuting and debuting.”

Too early to call it just yet on Elris, but I’ll agree there are an extraordinary amount of girl groups cropping up like weeds in the past 9 months.

I have no idea how they’ll all fare. But you know, most of them won’t even make it very far.



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