Wild astro predicts on BIGBANG, Kang Daniel and more in 2017 second half

Who will rise and who will astrologically flop in the second half of 2017.

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Ok, for the second half of 2017, I think it’s time to make some guesses about what will soar to the top or flop in obscurity.

I am consulting my database brain, intuition and the fucking zodiac so who knows how far off I am, but this should be fun.

Let’s jump right in.

BIGBANG won’t recover from the drug scandal this time

Listen, I don’t wanna say it, but Netizens are actually much more pissed this time around with T.O.P’s drug investigation.

BIGBANG kinda skirted around the same issue before when it was G.D, but this time with the coke rumors getting tacked on to T.O.P’s allegations? It’s not looking good for the group as a whole.

Cosmically speaking, T.O.P’s birth Saturn is in Sagittarius and since late 2014 that transit has been trying to limit the access to the good shit for Saturn in Sagittarius people. So it’s really telling that T.O.P’s gotten busted for drugs just 7 months shy of the completion of his Saturn return transit.

In hindsight, if he just could’ve cut down, streamlined and/or minimized his substance use activities during this time or at the very least kept it to himself he might’ve been just fine.

But Saturn is also effecting T.O.P’s status, money and with the whole police investigation thing, the time lord is signaling time’s up.

Not saying BIGBANG will disband just yet, but this year is the beginning of the end for the commercially successful Kpop group and they will officially go on hiatus. Start hoarding BIGBANG merch now.

By the by, solo activities are not effected and ultimately most members will continue successfully in their solo careers.

Kang Daniel will rise, rise, rise

This guy’s fan base is going to keep growing by leaps and bounds this year. That is, if his charming character and handsome good looks continue to be played up during his debut.

His natal Lilith (bitch goddess/iron fist in a velvet glove) is in Leo which means he is fucking magic on stage. By the end of the year Lilith will transit his Sun sign of Sagittarius which is all glam and rockstar. He’s positioned to do extremely well on his debut.

BTS total worldwide handsome™ domination

Stars are falling and planets and shit are aligning for this one true pop act right here. This year is the beginning of BTS’ surge to stardom and I’m talking on a global scale.

They will have a massive effect revolutionizing what global culture looks like in the internet age. The poster boys for the next decade of entertainment? Perhaps. Their success will not be limited to outliers or a niche market.

Their debut date has a natal Gemini Sun, Mars and Jupiter. The warrior storyteller with an equal dose of philosophical thunder god. Deep.

By the end of this year, the group may go for a slightly darker concept as Mercury transits their Scorpio. But think The Dark Knight not Dracula.

W/e, they got this.

That’s it for this time. If you dig this shit, I’m open to requests and may do these periodically. Just hit me up in comments or tweet me.

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