Gain rats out her ex who maybe was trying to help her with her anxiety?

Welp, she outted herself as a snitch, anyway.

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Gain has just announced to the media that she is the world’s biggest snitch.

After her announcements last week for seeking treatment for panic disorders, she has today ratted out a friend who offered her marijuana.

Netizens suspect it’s her ex, actor Joo Ji Hoon that sent the text offering Gain some weed.

Has marijuana always been this easy to get? I bet if you investigated all the celebrities, we’d be in for a surprise

“Why would anyone hate Gain? She’s suffering from a panic disorder and obviously going through difficult times… for someone who calls himself a friend to offer marijuana as help would drive anyone crazy. This is also an opportunity for her to get rid of all the bad influences in her boyfriend’s life. I think she’s doing a good thing. No way druggies will hang around Joo Ji Hoon now that they know what his girlfriend is capable of doing.”

I don’t know who they mean by “anyone.” Even Rick Steves smokes weed, people. Rick. Steves.

“The way I see it, I think she really cares about Joo Ji Hoon and is going public with this to cut all the bad people out of his life”

Girl, have you heard of the Just Say No campaign? Yeah, that’s right, bih– JUST say no. Don’t say no and turn around and rat somebody out for offering you drugs!

Man, kpop got a lotta snitches. Watch your backs, everybody.


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