Jang Hyunseung is getting played by Cube?

This unholy alignment doesn’t sit well.

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It was announced earlier today that the only remaining BEAST member is making a comeback.

What in the actual hell? Cube is really going ahead with this mess?

“Wow, not looking forward to it”

Maybe he’s a pawn in some elaborate game of chess and he just looks like the bad guy because we don’t really know. But there’s something fishy about the guy and especially with the way Cube treated HIGHLIGHT? Idk.

“What is this article saying? He “upheld Cube on his own”? Cube’s the one who threw B2ST out. He’s the one who left B2ST in the first place;;”

“Yeah, well, I’m sure he needs to be making money to live and all.. but it’s not like anyone will care”

Fans at least should be excited for the news as this marks the singer’s first release since BEAST were forced to split creating HIGHLIGHT.

Sources: http://netizenbuzz.blogspot.com/2017/06/jang-hyunseung-confirms-solo-comeback.html

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